Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Easy & Eco Friendly Tips For Your Lawn

Most people want to have beautiful lush green grass both in their front and back yards. The problem is that it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. There are many things that can go wrong if the proper care is not given to it.

Below, you will find easy and eco-friendly lawn maintenance tips for the best looking grass.

Maintenance Tip #1: Inspect the Quality and the Condition of the Grass on a Regular Basis
By doing so, any diseases or other problems will be identified early enough so that they can be treated and the grass can be saved. That means taking a walk around the grounds every couple of weeks or simply keep your eyes on the the grass when trimming to spot any problems. The inspections should go on throughout the spring, summer and the fall.

Drought, weeds and pests can destroy the lawn, but the routine inspections can eliminate or at least reduce their impact. This is true even with the most damaging of insects that can infest a lawn which is known as the Japanese Beetle. The beetle goes through different stages before it matures but its grub stage is the one that inflicts damage to the grass. These white grubs can take a severe toll on the it if it isn’t healthy and well maintained.

Therefore, with seasonal fertilization and proper care, a stronger and healthier root system will develop which can withstand various problems, even those caused by the white grubs. It will also reduce the amount of weed growth as the strong root system won’t allow the room required for the weeds to thrive. However, avoid chemical pesticides as these are unhealthy to people, pets, wildlife and the environment as a whole. Even with environmentally friendly methods one can still have an exceptional lawn.

Maintenance Tip #2: Water the Lawn Only When Necessary
Before turning on the sprinkler system, make sure that mother nature hasn’t provided that drink naturally. This will result in less stress to the environment without wasting our precious water. If the blades are cut to the perfect height for the particular season, it can save water. For instance, in the hot summer months, the mower should be lifted to allow for longer blades, which will avoid drying out the roots and thus reduces the need for watering.

Maintenance Tip #3: Trim the Grass Before it Gets Too Long, But Do So with Sharp Blades
Dull blades can cause disease that will ultimately spread throughout the entire lawn, resulting in severe damage. Let the short trimmings fall into the ground so that they can decompose naturally and provide the lawn with more nutrients. This is good for the environment as well!

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