Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fine wine takes time

Fine wine takes time
It’s a safer approach for people, kids, pets, and the environment, so why aren’t lawn care purchasers requesting organic lawn care options?  There may be several reasons for this, but first we must understand the difference between an organic lawn care program and the more common program of today, the synthetic lawn care program.   Organic programs are designed to feed the soil; synthetic programs are merely there to feed the plants, almost at the expense of the soil. An organic program creates and feeds micro organisms (biology) in the soil which in turn supply food to the plant (grass) and create an environment where the plant can grow and thrive. A synthetic lawn care program uses manufactured products solely to feed the plant (grass), creating an environment whereby the grass increasingly becomes dependent on more synthetic products like fertilizer and pesticides for its survival.  The organic program relies heavily on what’s living in the soil; the synthetic program merely uses the soil to support the grass. So why not just change from a synthetic program to an organic program?

Here are 4 possible reasons why customers are not asking for this:

First, time, an organic lawn care program needs time to reverse the effects of a synthetic program, or poor soil conditions inherited from the not so “soil savvy” builder.  An organic program needs time to build up microbes in the soil, sometimes 1-4 years.  Today’s lawn care purchaser doesn’t have time, and they need instant gratification, problem #1.

Second, tolerance, an organic lawn care program preaches tolerance, acceptance of a few weeds, a few imperfections here and there, problem #2.  Lawn care purchasers are not tolerant, it’s a perfect culture, perfect rules, no one is advertising imperfect, everything must be perfect, gone are the days when the lawn was just a place where the kids played and that made it imperfect, today’s kids don’t play on the lawn, they are inside gaming on the TV or their mobile device, the lawn is now solely to show off the house, the whole package, curb appeal, the lawn must look pristine.

Third, a weed, an organic lawn care program doesn’t have an effective way to handle weeds, problem #3.  Lawn care purchasers of today don’t want to see any weed, that’s why they are a purchaser of lawn care. If they were ok with weeds, they wouldn’t be buying lawn care in the first place and the lawn would be what it would be.

 Fourth, cost, an organic lawn care program costs more than a synthetic lawn care program, this is not to say customers won’t pay more, but they do need to see results, they need to see value and it’s real hard to sell value when you can’t see microbial activity with the naked eye. Lawn care purchasers want to see what they are buying, namely green, they want to see dead weeds, they want to see holes in the lawn from core aeration, they want to see it day 1, and if they can’t see it, they are skeptical, they won’t buy.

A Solution is found

As a local lawn care provider, we have tried and failed to get past these fundamental problems, until today.  We are pleased to announce that this season we will be offering a new Premium Lawn Care Program which answers “why” no one is asking for an organic lawn care program.  We are offering a program which by design eliminates a percentage of those synthetic products and replaces them with organic products, thus creating a “hybrid” program.  For the first time, we are offering a program that has been tested and has had great results at residential, commercial, sports fields, and golf courses alike. 

We truly believe this is a cutting edge Premium Program, a plan that will position our customer’s lawns way ahead of the curve toward a soil healthy, pet friendly, kid friendly, eco-safe lawn and garden.  A Premium Program that delivers a lush green, weed & grub free lawn you demand, plus it’s safer for people, pets, and watersheds. Day 1!

Compare the value of this Premium Plan, versus your tired old synthetic plan.  Compare the affordable price.  Compare the value.

Now is a great time to start the transition. Time goes by faster than you think.